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Medical Weight Loss

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Losing weight is something that you do to stay healthy and be in fine physical condition. It’s a very challenging endeavor to engage in, especially if you’re in your mid-40s to 50s. Doing it through natural means is hard, but there’s one natural method that’s helped many in their weight loss journey, and that is medical weight loss programs.

Most people don’t like weight loss when they gain the weight back, which happens often. Many find it frustrating when that happens and resorts to giving up due to the thought of starting over again. Here at Hormone KC, we personalize our weight loss programs and monitor patients closely to lose weight effectively and prevent it from returning.

The weight you lost coming back isn’t a sequel you want to watch because obesity is a formidable opponent. Studies have shown that being overweight takes fourteen years off of your lifespan. It’s not hard to believe, especially with the risks it exposes you to, including Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

Why should you undergo our weight loss program?

There are numerous weight loss programs in America alone, but our program shows that we consider everything and care about our patients who want to lose weight. Our medical weight loss programs are customized to fit an individual’s needs and health condition. We believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to losing weight because everyone’s situation is different.

Different people have their medical history, health issues, upbringing, fitness routine, and body type. That’s why exercise and diet aren’t enough to help them shed weight and maintain a healthy body. Our doctors and experienced staff will assess these factors before going through a medical weight loss program.

We meet with you to:

  • Discuss your health history in detail
  • Perform a comprehensive physical examination
  • Perform comprehensive laboratory testing
  • Create a customized plan that will help you lose weight and improve your overall health
Weight Loss Programs for Men and Women

Hormone KC offers stand-alone programs that include lifestyle changes to ensure that you get fast, safe and sustainable results. The initial phase of our weight-loss programs consists of a combination of medications, supplements, and meal plans customized to fit your needs and goals.

Here is the list of primary treatments we utilize to achieve excellent results:

  • Lipotropic injections – When injected, these lipotropic compounds that contain essential amino acids can accelerate the fat metabolism rate. As a result, the fatty acids are going to be degraded and utilized or excreted by the body very quickly instead of being stored as fat. Adding additional vitamins and minerals to the amino acid blend accelerates this process.
  • Prescription Appetite Suppressants – After a thorough evaluation from our physician, each patient is prescribed an appropriate appetite suppressant. A prescription will only be given to you if it’s clinically indicated. Phentermine is the most commonly prescribed medication for our medical weight loss programs.
  • Weight Loss Coaching – Our staff will help you with your weight loss endeavor with us. You’ll receive weekly progress reports, counseling, and nutrition advice. We also make it a point to be available via email and phone in case you got any more queries about your assigned program and any related topics.
  • Nutritional Supplements – We utilize supplements made by Pure Encapsulations for our programs, all of which are guaranteed for purity and potency. Third-party laboratories have evaluated them to help facilitate rapid weight loss while promoting long-term health.

We are transparent about everything we do on our medical weight loss programs. Hormone KC is equipped and knowledgeable about what we do because we want to help people struggling with being overweight. We provide the support you need based on your condition, and we do what we can to help you along the way.

Let’s reduce your weight with the proper medical help and keep it from returning. Give us a call to schedule your first consultation with our experienced doctors and nurses.

We look forward to serving you in your quest for better health!