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Weight Loss Programs for Men and Women

Medical Weight Loss

The statistics for obesity grow increasingly alarming. Over 40 percent of American adults ages 20 through the senior years are clinically obese, reports the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Are you becoming a statistic? At The Hormone, Hair & Vein Center, Dr. Marilyn Richardson is a board-certified OB/GYN physician who helps scores of men and women in the Mission KS develop a healthy weight loss program and way of life. She can help you reach your goals too.

Why do people gain weight?

Heredity plays something of a role. However, poor dietary habits, lack of physical exercise, stress, depression, and the fluctuating hormones of menopause and aging, contribute to an expanding waistline and a higher number on the bathroom scale.

Unfortunately, struggles to lose weight and keep it off are very common. Healthline explains that yo-yo dieting, or weight cycling, actually are more destructive than being overweight. Depression, increased appetite, loss of muscle and an increase–yes, increase–in diabetes and hypertension happen when your weight goes up and down.

Getting control

If weight cycling sounds familiar, take heart. The professional team in Mission KS helps scores of people achieve their best weight, keep it off, and stay healthy for life. These people realize they just need a little help–coaching and strategies which work for them as individuals.

So, why don’t you come to our Mission KS office for a weight loss consultation with Dr. Marilyn Richardson? She’ll work with you and your doctor to craft the right plan. You’ll receive a history and physical exam and blood work to provide some baseline information for Dr. Richardson. Then, she’ll work out a care plan for, including:

  • A program of healthy eating to include recipes, meal planning, and even shopping lists
  • Exercise suggestions
  • Lipotropic amino acid injections to increase your metabolic rate
  • Nutritional supplements
  • One-on-one coaching in the office and via phone and email
  • Appetite-suppressant medication
  • Frequent weight monitoring and checks on your physical condition (weekly progress reports)

It’s your life

Make it a good one with monitored weight loss from The Hormone, Hair & Vein Center. Call us today to book your consultation with Dr. Marilyn Richardson. We look forward to partnering with you. Phone our Mission KS office at (913) 631-0277.

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